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Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO

Zoë Loh completed a PhD in high resolution spectroscopy of exotic ion-molecule clusters at the University of Melbourne. Since finishing her studies, she has used spectroscopic methods to measure greenhouse gases in a range of contexts including from beef production, and monitoring for fugitive emissions from geological carbon storage and coal seam gas production.

Zoë currently leads the Major Greenhouse Gases Team in the CSIRO’s Climate Science Centre and is a Lead Scientist in the Cape Grim Science Program. One of her core interests is in bringing her science expertise to an urban domain, to help develop smarter policies for driving down anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions where they are predominantly generated.


  • 2011–2017
    Research Scientist, CSIRO
  • 2007–2011
    Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO
  • 2006–2007
    Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne


  • 2008 
    The University of Melbourne, PhD