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Blair testifies to the Chilcot Inquiry in 2010. PA

How Tony Blair fumbled Iraq’s child mortality statistics

Iraq’s supposedly sky-high child mortality rate was a key part of Blair’s case for war, and he was still making it years later – but it seems to have been based on a single dubious study.
John Howard confirms the nation’s involvement in the war in Iraq in March 2003, a decision subject to remarkably little oversight by comparison to Australia’s allies. AAP/Alan Porritt

When Australia goes to war, public trust depends on better oversight

It is important to restore public trust in any future decision for Australia to go to war. For this, a system that provides better democratic accountability is essential.

Chilcot’s lessons for Australia

So now we know. Saddam Hussein didn’t present an imminent threat. He could have been contained. He didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction. And the consequences of the invasion were profoundly underestimated…

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