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Cutting the blood supply to hard tumours can help kill them off. Flickr

Scientists discover molecule to cut blood supply to tumours

Scientists have unlocked the mechanism that helps kill the blood vessels that supply hard tumours, such as those found in lung, bowel and breast cancer patients. A special molecule, called Bim, is programmed…
Previously, scientists could see T-cells, the “front line troops” in the immune system, but could not see how they worked. Flickr

Super microscope shines light on the immune system’s front-line defenders

For the first time, scientists have seen how the “front line troops” in the human body’s immune system work, debunking previous thinking on the topic and opening up new possibilities for treatment of auto-immune…
The old system led to institutions urging their academics to write for the top-ranked academic journals only. Håkan Dahlström, Flickr

Journal rankings ditched: the experts respond

The Australian government has dropped the contentious system of ranking academic journals and assessing academics based on their ability to publish in the top-ranked publications. Previously, journals…
Medical deans are calling for a 50% increase in federal funding for student places. Flickr

Medical schools call for 50% funding boost

Australia’s medical schools need a 50% increase in federal funding to boost the proportion of places available to domestic students and reduce their reliance on international fee-paying students, the peak…

Autism changes the brain

Autism marks the brain at a molecular level, resulting in a dramatically different structure than a healthy brain, a new…
Eating an extra 100g per day of processed meat, such as salami, increases bowel cancer risk by 36%, according to the most extensive study ever on the topic. Flickr

Don’t bring home the bacon: study links deli meats to bowel cancer

Red meats and processed meats like bacon, salami and sausage are strongly associated with bowel cancer, according to the most authoritative study ever on the issue. The report by the World Cancer Research…
People power and social media helped win a campaign to protect medical research from cuts. Photo: AAP.

How the war was won: the campaign to stop medical research cuts

One day in April, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research director Douglas Hilton called his communications manager, Penny Fannin, into his office. “He said he’d heard significant cuts were…
The breast cancer research agenda is more balanced due to its public profile. AAP

Funding cancer research should not be a popularity contest

Some of the most serious forms of cancer are less likely to be the subject of a clinical trial than cancers with a less significant health impact. Research shows that even being a disease is a popularity…

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