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Emeritus Robert Reford Professor and Professor of Medicine, McGill University

Dr. J.J.M. Bergeron is past Chair and Emeritus Robert Reford Professor of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology of McGill University and currently Professor of Medicine. Dr. Bergeron’s research focuses on how the organelles of the cell interact to regulate how proteins exit and enter cells, how they maintain cell homeostasis and how when dysregulated, they cause disease. His research accomplishments were recognized through the Royal Society of Canada McLaughlin medal, the Human Proteome Organization Discovery award, the QEII Diamond Jubilee Medal and chevalier de l'Ordre national du Québec.

Dr. Bergeron has been effective through his work on several grants panels and committees overseeing the Medical research Canada of Canada as it transitioned to the CIHR and the NCI of the Canadian Cancer society.

As Chair of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Dr. Bergeron lobbied effectively with MPs and cabinet members to help create CFI and Genome Canada and cofounded the Innovation Centre of Genome Quebec/McGill University. He also cofounded, was CSO and then chair of SAB of Caprion Proteomics.

Dr. Bergeron has lobbied through op-ed pieces in the National Post, The Edmonton journal the Montreal Gazette and Toronto Star as well as frequent scientific interviews on Radio Canada and Decouverte as well as several health research webcasts. Through community and media education, lobbying university Presidents to intervene with governments to support health research, meeting with policy makers and heads of federal and provincial health research agencies, Dr. Bergeron has been an effective and unstinting advocate for Health Research in Canada.

Kathleen Dickson is a former chief technician from McGill University and is the inaugural recipient of the McGill Faculty of Medicine P. B. Mukhopadhyay Dean’s Award of Excellence for outstanding contributions during her career. She has coauthored several scientific papers with Dr. Bergeron, including these articles as well as articles in the Canadian Encyclopedia.

Dr. Bergeron and Kathleen Dickson focus their articles on celebrating Canadian scientists and the impact of their ground-breaking discoveries on global health.


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    Robert Reford Professor and Chair of Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill, McGill University