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Both Palestinian children in Gaza, as shown on left, and Israeli children, as seen on the right, have been hurt, killed and kidnapped in the Israel-Hamas war. Mahmud Hams/AFP via Getty Images/Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

In the Israel-Hamas war, children are the ultimate pawns – and ultimate victims

For Jewish people, Hamas’ violence against children was reminiscent of the Holocaust. For Palestinians, The Israel Defense Force’s killing their children reminds them of a painful past, too.
A Palestinian protester rests during clashes with Israeli troops after a demonstration against Israel’s settlements, near Nablus, West Bank, June 9, 2023. Alaa Badarneh/EPA

Gareth Evans: the case for recognising Palestine

Australia should recognise the state of Palestine. The legal, moral and political arguments are compelling.
Evicted: about 750,000 Palestinians were killed or expelled from their land during the Nakba which began on May 15 1948. Anas-Mohammed/Shutterstock

The Nakba: how the Palestinians were expelled from Israel

The village of Lajjun, near Nazareth, which was destroyed in 1948 to make room for a kibbutz is a microcosm of the catastrophe that still affects Palestinians 75 years later.
Under a portrait of Theodor Herzl, David Ben-Gurion on May 14, 1948, declares the establishment of a Jewish state to be known as the state of Israel. Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

On its 75th birthday, Israel still can’t agree on what it means to be a Jewish state and a democracy

Israel may no longer be a fledgling state – but it has yet to overcome the basic contradiction that has defined it from the very beginning.

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