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Senior cabinet minister Megan Woods, Minister of Finance Grant Robertson and Prime Minister Chris Hipkins prepare to deliver the May 18 budget. Getty Images

NZ’s budget used a ‘gender lens’ for the first time – the result was a win for women

Budget 2023 included a ‘gender snapshot’ to account for the ways investment priorities affect women differently from men. More effective, efficient and equitable, it also makes good economic sense.
South Korean women protest against sexism and digital sex crimes, such as the making of pornography using hidden cameras. Jean Chung/Getty Images

Why so many South Korean women are refusing to date, marry or have kids

The South Korean government’s embrace of gendered citizenship has fueled the virulent gender war between men and women, with digital sex crimes used as ammunition.
Models wearing outfits that reflect traditional Chinese culture walk the runway during China’s International Fashion Week in March 2023. VCG/Getty Images

A new femininity is starting to emerge in China

Contemporary beauty culture in China blends traditional Chinese culture with modern aesthetics and global influences.
A woman does laundry at a tent city after the Feb. 6, 2023, earthquake in Turkey. Omer Urer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

In Turkey, women are feeling the worst aftershocks of the earthquake disaster – this disparity may lead to dwindling trust in government

When government responses to a natural disaster do not address the specific needs and vulnerabilities of women and girls, women tend to lose trust in the institutions.
There are fewer women in management positions than before the pandemic. There are several reasons for this, but the fact that women prefer to work from home is not helping them rise. (Shutterstock)

Corporate management: Women are losing ground and need to be more strategic, but the culture must also change

Far from progressing, the position of women in management in companies is regressing. Several post-pandemic factors are at work, but both men and women are losing out.

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