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Debenhams: one of several quoted companies on the private equity merry-go-round. Karen Roe

The private equity deals that fail to justify ‘fast buck’ strategies

There is an ongoing and very heated debate between the unconditional supporters of private equity and their opponents. It’s not hard to see why. On the surface, these investors can often buy fragile companies…
Company demergers are occurring in record numbers in the United States this year.

Rise of corporate divorces leads to fleeting gains

For the global mergers and acquisitions market, 2014 has been a year of strong recovery. According to Mergermarket, global M&A value in the first three quarters reached over US$2.5 trillion – a record…
The big four banks, ANZ, CommBank, NAB and Westpac, are not legally prevented from merging, but the four pillars policy has stood in the way. xcode/Flickr

Four pillars or four pillows? Banking’s comfy collective

Australia’s four pillars policy is widely misunderstood. At heart, it is an anti-bank policy, one which prohibits the large banks from doing what they might like to do and that is to merge. It stops them…
The glory days. Nokia’s 8250 and the iconic 3210. Brad Scruse

In an escalation of commitment, Nokia becomes Microsoft

Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia’s mobile phone division won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who has kept an eye on the pair for any length of time. Two years ago, the two companies decided to collaborate…
The US and Finland: united by ice hockey and not much else. RicLaf

Microsoft-Nokia culture clash will be tough to overcome

Among Western nations it would be difficult to find two cultures as different as the US and Finland. Americans are stereotypically confident and outgoing; Finns considerably more reserved. This is even…
There is more behind the Qantas lockout than short-term industrial disputes. AAP

Qantas is waving the Australian flag … goodbye

As the initial shock of the Qantas lockout of its workforce abates, it is time to consider the wider implications of this action. One lesson is the folly of national identification of companies that are…
People will continue to have a positive view of Foster’s brands, regardless of who owns the company. Nicolas.B

Foster’s takeover: don’t expect beer drinkers to turn bitter

Foster’s Group’s acceptance of a $12.3 billion takeover bid from global brewer SABMiller will see the ownership of some of Australia’s most popular beer brands, such as Victoria Bitter and Cascade, fall…
Insider trading detection in Australia has evolved, but ASIC still needs a win. AAP

Hanlong insider trading case will test ASIC’s resolve

Five senior executives of the Chinese-owned investor Hanlong Mining have had assets frozen after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) launched an investigation into alleged insider…

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