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What is the true nature of temptation? EightBitTony

Is temptation such a bad thing?

While temptation can be an invitation to sin, experiencing temptation can also make us consider more deeply: What is it that tempts us and why?
Suzi Ailes, right, and Kris Smith study schoolwork for SusQ-Cyber Charter School in their home in Milton, Pennsylvania. AP Photos/ George Widman

What cyber charter schools are and why their growth should worry us

What Betsy DeVos, an advocate of school-choice initiatives and President-elect Donald Trump's nominee for education secretary, as well as the rest of us need to know about cyber charter schools.
The vice-presidential debate was much spicier than anticipated, but will it actually swing the election? Michael Reynolds/EPA

Race to the White House – the vice-presidential debate, and Donald Trump’s tax troubles

Race to the White House – Episode #4. The Conversation, CC BY-ND33.8 MB (download)
This week on Race to the White House, Brendon O’Connor, Tom Switzer and Emma Lancaster look at the first and only 2016 vice-presidential debate.
Trump picks Indiana Governor Mike Pence as vice president. REUTERS/John Sommers II

Mike Pence is the anti-Trump

Trump's choice of the Indiana governor is a love letter to the Republican base.

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