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With a bit of effort, we can be part of the solution, not part of the problem. tuey/Flickr

Sleepers wake! With courage we can build a post-carbon Australia

How many wake up calls do we need? The latest International Energy Agency figures, published in today’s Guardian newspaper, show global carbon emissions are at their highest ever levels. As IEA chief economist…
It’s easier to sell a Green Deal in the UK’s political climate. Cabinet Office/Flickr

Deal or no deal - how green is the UK?

The UK government has released a Green Deal that, at face value, seems impossible to replicate in Australia. But how radical and ambitious is this policy? The first thing to note is that the Green Deal…

A clearer picture of glacial ice loss

A new study aimed at refining the way scientists measure ice loss in Greenland is providing a “high-definition picture” of…
Sea levels are expected to rise between 0.5m and 1m by 2100, potentially at great cost to coastal infrastructure. AAP

Fix climate by 2020 or face huge costs

Governments and communities must take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions this decade or face enormous social…
More extreme hot weather events are on the way, say the world’s top climate scientists. Photo:

More deadly heat waves coming, climate scientists warn

The world’s top climate scientists have warned that the heat waves that have killed thousands of people during recent summers…
A phased approach will help resolve divisions around carbon pricing. AAP

Phased pricing model is our best shot at carbon consensus

Independent MP Tony Windsor was right in early March when he called for a debate on carbon pricing in Australia that is “a little bit more advanced than the word ‘lie’ and the word ‘tax’”. The quality…
We must innovate to avoid a food crisis. AAP

To feed the world, farming emissions must rise

FOOD SECURITY - Agriculture is one of the few industries in the world in which emissions must rise. The carbon footprint of farming will become larger over the next 40 years as we feed a rapidly growing…

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