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Best to keep it under the covers? Lisa S.

Why I’d say yes, yes, yes to the Bad Sex award

Sexual intercourse is getting on a bit. Not only has it been boosting the human population since we emerged from the primordial swamp, it’s more than half a century since Philip Larkin noted its arrival…
Many adult women would rather have a cup of tea than have sex with their long-term partner. Sam Einhorn

Book review: What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire

Women want sex, according to a new book by American journalist and author Daniel Bergner. Embarking on “adventures in the science of female desire”, Bergner interviewed sexologists and sex therapists to…
Is there a genuine rise in the appeal for sadomasochist behaviour among women in 2012? flickr/Jeremy Brook

Spank me silly: sadomasochism and the modern woman

The poster for Secretary is up on my wall at work. I actually paid to see A Dangerous Method purely for Jung’s novel approach to therapy (and God do I hate period films.) While I probably won’t read all…

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