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New digital media entrant The New Daily injects a hopeful note into the media landscape. A screenshot of The New Daily.

A New Daily, new models and new hope: journalism’s silver lining

November is a month of two tales for the Australian media industry: one of hope, the other of despair. The arrival on Wednesday of the online news site The New Daily, and reports that The Monthly’s publisher…
The New York Times launched its paywall in 2011 and in the most recent quarter claimed US$37.7 million in digital subscription revenue. Andre-Pierre/Flickr

Making sense of Fairfax’s paywall figures

Media companies are failing to deliver transparency about their digital subscriptions, as my recent study about paywalls found. The research of paywalls in eight countries found paid online content presents…
Rachel Buchanan’s Stop Press is the latest addition to the growing list of publications about the death of newspapers and the transition to digital journalism. AAP/Dean Lewins

Stop Press: we need to save journalism, not newspapers

Rachel Buchanan’s new book Stop Press: The Last Days of Newspapers is part of what independent publishing house Scribe calls the “Media Chronicles”: A series of first-person accounts about the dramatic…
Fairfax Media has confirmed 25 staff from its business media unit will be made redundant as Fairfax moves toward further integrating its metropolitan mastheads. AAP/Dean Lewins

Fairfax staff cuts will worsen decline in corporate investigations

Yesterday’s announcement of another 45 jobs to go at Australia’s second largest newspaper proprietor Fairfax Media is yet another marker in the decline of Australia’s print media news sector. In an email…
Media giant Fairfax has been plagued by board troubles and company indecision, according to a new book. AAP/Julian Smith

Billions lost, boards to blame: Colleen Ryan on the rise and fall of Fairfax

In the same week that Colleen Ryan’s tell-all book Fairfax: The Rise and Fall hits bookstores, Fairfax’s two biggest metropolitan newspapers will place their content behind a metered digital paywall. If…
While reporters’ political biases are always hotly debated, other biases remain - including too few voices from diverse backgrounds. AAP/Alan Porritt

Whose views skew the news? Media chiefs ready to vote out Labor, while reporters lean left

Most Australian journalists describe themselves as left-wing, yet amongst those who wield the real power in the country’s newsrooms, the Coalition holds a winning lead. But while the media’s political…
Fairfax journalist Paddy Manning was sacked after writing an opinion piece critical of company strategy for Crikey. AAP/Julian Smith

Paddy Manning: the Fairfax watchdog eats one of its own

Sacked Fairfax business writer Paddy Manning appears to have set out on a suicide mission when he wrote for Crikey this week about problems with the plans to merge the BusinessDay sections of The Sydney…
Fairfax Media’s chief cexecutive Greg Hywood has said a break up of the company is not being planned - but the five new division corporate structure appears ready-made for a sell-off.

Fairfax restructure rearranges the deckchairs

The Fairfax Media group has undertaken yet another corporate restructuring in an attempt to shore up the company share price. However, it might just be a Titanic gesture that staves off the inevitable…

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