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US president Barack Obama is set to address Congress to map out his agenda for the year. What’s he likely to say? EPA/Pete Marovich

State of the Union: can Obama emerge from the shadow of 2013?

On Tuesday evening (Washington time), US president Barack Obama will deliver his sixth State of the Union address. It comes at an important moment in his presidency. He has little to show for the first…
‘Corporations are people’ – and so, apparently, is Mitt Romney. Gage Skidmore

With Mitt, Netflix shows human side of a hamstrung candidate

Mitt, a newly released documentary about former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, provides an up-close look at the exhausting presidential election process in the U.S. This is no House of Cards when…
Egg on face? Don’t look so surprised. Anirbas_84

Obamacare web fiasco won’t be the last big IT fail – the web-based manifestation of Obamacare – launched last month to numerous and widely-publicised problems including long wait times, corrupted data and nonfunctional buttons. Although…
Reading the fine print of the Affordable Care Act. US government

Obamacare can’t make sense in a divided America

The US debt crisis is over for now, but legislators have just kicked the can down the road. In this series on the US debt ceiling, academics from Australia, the UK and the US assess the lingering global…
US president Barack Obama has been quick to blame the Republican Party for the state of government shutdown. EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

US government shutdown: worse may yet be to come

At midnight, the United States government was shut down after Congress could not agree to a deal on changes to president Barack Obama’s signature health-care legislation, Obamacare. Around 800,000 non-essential…
President Barack Obama speaks in the East Room of the White House after the Supreme Court ruled on his health-care legislation. EPA/Luke Sharett

Obamacare decision: just a spoonful of sugar

The decision of the US Supreme Court in National Federation of Independent Business v Sibelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services upholding key sections of the US health care legislation known as…

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