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A debate over whether children should be forced to say ‘sorry’ misses the point. Child image from

Teach children to say ‘sorry’: why the word is only the first step

Lawyers have conniptions whenever they hear it, Parliamentarians routinely avoid using it, and all over the world, people have arguments about who should say it first. The latest grumblings about the humble…
Young people leaving care experience considerable material disadvantage, marginalisation and social exclusion. Image from

Don’t push foster children out in the cold when they turn 18

When children in foster care turn 18, they are expected to become independent, autonomous adults, and are discharged from care. The period of transition from care which coincides with early adulthood is…
We need to support and educate parents to change their outdated attitudes about smacking. Image from

A wake-up call for parents who smack their children

Most parents want what’s best for their children. But when it comes to discipline, some misguidedly use physical force to punish or intimidate. Let’s be clear: hitting and unnecessarily hurting children…
Overprotective policies constrain kids and teach them to value risk assessment over opportunity. Sim Dawdler/Flickr

Kids need to take risks: Mum and Dad will just have to deal with it

We take an “efficiency” approach to childhood and child-rearing in Australia. We want kids to grow up and become productive economic citizens without them deviating from identified pathways, and society…
Children suffer around 90% of the disease burden from climate change. Flickr/SeemaKK

Future under threat: climate change and children’s health

Climate change has been widely recognised by leading public health organisations and prestigious peer reviewed journals as the the biggest global health threat of the 21st century. A recently released…

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