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A student protester confronts a grim reaper with the face of Education Minister Christopher Pyne…has the budget killed your prospect of a debt-free future? AAP

How much student debt will you be facing post-budget?

Education minister Christopher Pyne has released new public subsidy rates for domestic students in degrees offered by universities, to take effect from 2016. As a budget saving the government aims to lower…
I’m doing a straw poll. How much would you pay? Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

Universities need more than a pledge to reduce student fees

I’m an unabashed political junkie. Who’s up, who’s down; who’s in, who’s out. Yet it’s fair to say that pretty much all the day-to-day policy spinning, posturing and firefighting rarely percolates outside…
Four years after mass protests, dreams of going to uni are dropping. Tim Ireland/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Can we stop worrying about university application rates?

It was clear that recent fundamental changes to the way we pay for university in England would have longstanding ramifications for young people’s plans for their future. Two years into the new fee regime…

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