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Vasopressin may be used to treat social deficits in children with autism. kids with ball, from

Autistic kids low on vital social hormone, study suggests

Increasing autistic children's levels of vasopressin, a hormone that regulates social behaviour, could help treat the social deficits common to autism, research suggests.

Cause of food allergy uncovered

New research identifies the molecular pathway that causes the enigmatic food allergy eosinophillic esophagitis (EoE), opening…
Chemical castration isn’t the answer to keeping children safe from sexual offenders. l i g h t p o e t/Shutterstock

Treatment or punishment? Chemical castration of child sex offenders

The use of “chemical castration” has been seen by many as an answer to the public fear of paedophiles, reignited by the recent trial of Brett Cowan for the murder of Daniel Morcombe. The idea is that giving…

Modified cells to heal kidneys

Researchers have genetically modified cells to produce a protein that plays a key role in embryonic kidney development and…

Melanoma treatment may double lifespan

A new treatment may prolong the lifespan of melanoma patients. Vemurafenib, the first acute melanoma drug in more than a…

Diabetes could be naturally reversed

A naturally produced compound similar to a daily vitamin could be used to treat and prevent diabetes. Researchers have been…

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