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A prudent and economically viable energy transition to a low carbon economy is of the utmost importance for the future prosperity of Canada. (Shutterstock)

Stock markets signal a growing gap between Canadian and American clean tech firms

New research has found that clean tech has much better prospects in the U.S., while oil and gas firms in Canada may outlast their American counterparts.
Janelle Lugge/Shutterstock

We can’t say yet if grid-breaking thunderstorms are getting worse – but we shouldn’t wait to find out

Extreme winds from thunderstorms have downed transmission towers from Victoria to Western Australia in recent years. What’s going on?
Many have argued the energy industry needs to change to reduce carbon emissions, but one concern that remains is the consequence this will have on economic prosperity. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Renewable energy innovation isn’t just good for the climate — it’s also good for the economy

Recent research about energy industry restructuring options for a green transition indicates that innovation in renewable energy positively influences GDP.

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