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Six puits de pétrole en activité, survolés en avion. Les mesures à bord de l’avion ont permis d’obtenir des données régionales, et pour des sites isolés.

Methane emissions are the low-hanging fruit of the climate transition

If the fossil fuel industry tackles the methane leaks it generates before 2030, this could reduce global warming by 0.2°C by 2100.
Two military personnel walk by NATO banners before a wreath-laying ceremony at NATO’s headquarters in Brussels on April 4, 2024. Virginia Mayo/AP Photo

4 things to watch for as NATO leaders meet in US capital for high-stakes summit

The three-day meeting is touted as a time to celebrate the alliance’s 75th anniversary. But gathered leaders face serious questions that will affect NATO’s future.
The collective tomb at Bréviandes les Pointes, near Troyes, where all the skeletons have had their genomes sequenced. INRAP

A 4,500-year-old collective tomb in France reveals its secret – the final stage in the formation of a ‘European genome’

A new study reveals the final stage in the formation of the European genome, which is still present in many people today.
Almost 30% of voters chose the Rassemblement National in the first round of early legislative elections on 30 June 2024. Here, in Pau. Gaizka Iroz/AFP

Legislative elections in France: ‘Emmanuel Macron has made the RN the main force of opposition to his policies’

After President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the National Assembly, the first round of the snap legislative elections took place on June 30. Historian Mathias Bernard analyses what’s at stake.
Macron heads to the stage to deliver a speech on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the World War II “D-Day” Allied landings in Normandy. Miguel Medina/AFP

Is Macron pushing France toward a ‘strange defeat’?

Macron has often referred to historian and ‘résistant’ Mark Bloch. As his dissolution of parliament opens the way to the far-right, might it be time he went back to reading him?

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