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Bookmaker Tom Waterhouse (centre) is the subject of a parliamentary inquiry as the infiltration of betting into professional sport continues. AAP/Mick Tsikas

Sport, Tom Waterhouse and the ‘gamblification’ of everyday life

Over the Easter weekend in Australia the furore around gambling and sport intensified. Prominent racehorse trainer Gai Waterhouse defended her son Tom’s gambling business in the tabloids, and legislation…
Evidence shows most people did not gamble away their carbon tax compensation, despite media claims at the time. AAP

We got fed a line but carbon tax compo wasn’t ‘swallowed’ by pokies

Like many policy issues in Australia, the public debate and media coverage on the relationship between government payments and spending at electronic gaming machines or ‘pokies’ is sensationalist and exaggerated…
Less than half the respondents polled by ANU thought that gambling activities are advertised responsibly. Flickr/Jeff Kubina

Almost 75% support gambling pre-commitment rules: poll

Nearly three quarters of those surveyed in a new poll support gambling pre-commitment rules, a policy the Australian government plans to introduce by 2014 but which has attracted the ire of the clubs industry…
Could “antiusability” be incorporated into gaming machines? awwstin

Want to curb problem gambling? Make pokies harder to play

GAMBLING IN AUSTRALIA – Addiction to gaming machines (or “pokies”) is of growing concern in Australian society. In Victoria alone there are 30,000 of these hi-tech poker machines with many in suburban…
When you know the numbers, things get a whole lot easier. Roberto Bouza

Want to win at gambling? Use your head

GAMBLING IN AUSTRALIA – Some say “punting is a mug’s game”. But is this always true, or can an astute gambler make long-term profits? Certainly not from casino games. Casinos make profits by paying less…
Sadly, there’s no magic button to stop excessive gambling. Mick Tsikas/AAPimage

Get rich or die trying: when gambling becomes a problem

GAMBLING IN AUSTRALIA – Why do some people develop gambling addictions while others can dabble for years at the pokies or the track without issue? The Productivity Commission’s 2010 report on gambling…
Betting can be fun, but it’s not worth losing your shirt over. William West/AFP

Gambling in Australian culture: more than just a day at the races

GAMBLING IN AUSTRALIA – The idea that Australians love to gamble is so firmly established that we rarely pause to question it. This is true whether we picture Chinese and British “diggers” passing time…

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