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Symptoms that can signify autism can also mean other things. from

The difficulties doctors face in diagnosing autism

A recent survey of paediatricians found they often lacked enough information to accurately diagnose an Autism Spectrum Disorder in children.
Overall, there will be fewer symptoms and disorders listed in the new psychiatry manual. Axel Buhrmann

Redefining autism in the DSM-5

MATTERS OF THE MIND – a series which examines the clinician’s bible for diagnosing mental disorders, the DSM, and the controversy surrounding the forthcoming fifth edition. For autistic people and their…
Most children with autism want friends but social graces don’t come naturally. Flickr/mikebaird

Five myths about autism

As knowledge and awareness of autism grows in the community, so do the myths. Autism is currently diagnosed according to behaviours which fit into three broad areas: social difficulties, communication…
In the absence of clear biological markers for autism, the DSM will remain a hugely influential book well into the 21st century. Richard Masoner/Wikimedia Commons

DSM-V and the changing fortunes of autism and related disorders

The DSM giveth, and the DSM taketh away - this is the less-than-complimentary sentiment of many people within the autism community as the clock ticks down to the publication of the most eagerly-anticipated…

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