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The U.S. fertility rate is the lowest it’s been since the government started tracking it in the 1930s. Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/Picture Alliance via Getty Images

I interviewed moms with 5 or more kids − here’s what I learned about the women who are quietly going against the grain

Low birth rates aren’t just a potential economic crisis. They can tell a deeply personal story about women failing to reach their goals for motherhood.
While the mother’s face isn’t fully visible, the supportive arms encircling her child are. © Andrea Kaston Tange. All images are from the author’s private collection

‘Hidden mother’ photos don’t erase moms − rather, they reveal the labor and love that support the child

Mothers are smudged out and poorly cloaked beneath drapes in these 19th century portraits. But these photos are not so much relics of shoddy photography than an ode to childhood.
Thinking through your own attachment history and expectations of relationships may be a great opportunity for self-reflection, but it is important to remember that attachment is only one aspect of a relationship. (Keira Burton/Pexels)

Is attachment theory actually important for romantic relationships?

Attachment theory is the notion that in the first year of life, the ways in which a parent and caregiver respond to a child’s needs shape a child’s expectation of relationships across their lifespan.

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