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John's primary research interest is how innovation, partnerships, policy and philanthropy combine to enhance the global reach and effectiveness of population-level behaviour change interventions.

There are two major bodies of research that John oversees as Head of the Triple P innovation Precinct.

Behaviour Change Intervention ‐ a body of work centred on the development of evidence-based programs to promote behavioural change within the family and broader community. Projects involve behavioural scientists combining forces with marine, agricultural and social scientists, engineers, and economists (among others), to explore how the integration of a behavioural change strategy (Triple P) can be applied to issues such as coastal reef management, energy access, and other areas of international concern.

Innovation - creation of an innovation excellence framework that seeks to provide a model for training innovators, entrepreneurship, and engagement. Innovation is best understood as renewing, changing or creating more effective processes, products, methods, or ways of doing things. For the TPIP this means fostering a culture which values trial and error in implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products and processes, improving existing services, and reinventing how we recognise and reward excellence.


  • 2008–present
    Research Manager, The University of Queensland