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The Qantas vs Virgin war is now being fought on a broader battleground, with new players rapidly gaining ground. Michael Coghlan via Flickr

Aussie airlines feel the pressure as international competition strengthens

The most recent round of what is presented in Australia as a battle for supremacy in a two-horse race saw Qantas and Virgin Australia revealing their annual results. Qantas reported a net profit for the…
CEO Rob Sharp will preside over a leaner Tigerair, now under the wing of Virgin Australia. AAP

Virgin’s takeover ensures Tiger is no longer toothless

The corporate regulator’s approval of Virgin Australia’s 60% stake in fledgling low-cost carrier Tigerair (formerly known as Tiger Airways) marks the Australian aviation industry’s return to an effective…
Although tightly linked to each other, airlines and the aircraft manufacturing industry don’t generally seem to be heading in the same direction. Flickr/FreeFoto

One flies planes, the other makes money: the two sides of aviation

A few months ago I was invited to a small gathering organised by executives from a large international airline (one you most certainly have heard of). About a dozen of us were there and the mix was varied…
While airlines struggle to mitigate costs of operation, frequent flyer programs have become lucrative businesses in their own right. AAP/Dan Peled

Airlines spread their wings with omnipresent loyalty programs

Frequent flyer programs have long since expanded out of their airlines, with points now being exchanged across supermarkets, banks and insurance companies. Australia has two domestically owned frequent…
The same day tourism professionals gathered to hear a glowing report from Tourism Australia, Qantas dumped its promotional sponsorship with the national body.

By dumping Tourism Australia deal, Qantas hands a golden opportunity to Virgin

One week ago, two very different groups gathered in two different cities to talk about tourism. In Sydney, more than 250 industry professionals were being briefed by Tourism Australia chief Andrew McEvoy…
Virgin Australia has announced a series of deals that will see it take a controlling stake in low cost carrier Tiger Airways.

Virgin Australia gains low-cost and regional foothold

Virgin Australia has announced a series of deals which will see it sell a 10% stake to Singapore Airlines, gain a 60% share in low-cost carrier Tiger Airways Australia and challenge the dominance of Qantas…
Virgin Australia chief John Borghetti is pleased with the airline’s share of the corporate market, but experts say capacity is a bigger problem. AAP

Virgin courts corporate travellers, but cheaper airfares on the way

Virgin Australia’s full-year profit of $22.8 million masks the ongoing challenges facing the airline as it chases a bigger…
Qantas will now have to work very hard to persuade people to trust their brand again. AAP

We’re hopping mad now, so how will Qantas win us back?

In 2011, brand is everything in the corporate world. While the rest of the business operations are considered a cost, marketing makes money. And central to so much of modern marketing is the brand, built…

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