Electoral donation reform faces unsure future

With a new Special Minister of State, electoral donation reforms are once again unsure. AAP/Lukas Coch

Labor’s proposed reforms to the electoral funding law are again up in the air after last week’s ministerial reshuffle.

The former Special Minister of State Gary Gray had committed the government to trying to get big changes through parliament by June 30.

The changes would mean many more donations would have to be publicly revealed.

But the new Special Minister of State Mark Dreyfus is still considering what to do. When asked by The Conversation, his office could not say what would happen to the plan.

The government currently has a bill before the Senate that would require disclosure of all political donations above $1000 - compared with the present level of more than $12,000.

This legislation has passed the House of Representatives and the numbers would be there for it to pass the senate with the support of the Greens.

Gray, however, had wanted wider reforms, including subsidising political parties and independents for their administrative costs.

Labor party elder Senator John Faulkner, has previously strongly argued that the government should move on electoral donations reform. He initiated the measures when he held the post of Special Minister of State under Kevin Rudd.