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Engaging imagery detrimental to child learning

Engaging visuals may be detrimental to child learning. Researchers have found that visuals in textbooks designed to captivate children may distract them from the information and procedures the visuals are designed to teach.

The study found that when teaching six- to eight year-old children how to read a bar graph, plain and monochrome worked better than graphs with images (like shoes or flowers).

The pictures directed attention away from the information that was necessary, researchers said.

Read more at Ohio State University

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  1. victoria lewis

    teacher at public education

    This work supports the teacher experience of the loss of focus as the prevalence of appealing alternatives, or " engagement " methods become the experience for the student. I would be interested to see if the students themselves can differentiaite between the best methods of learning in the experiment and evaluate their own success and link it to the nature of the materials used. Additionally they might learn about learning and focus, and the value of "getting it right".