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With free, quality online education from brand-name universities, will overseas students come to Australia? Elephant image from

The elephant in the chat room: will international students stay at home?

FUTURE OF HIGHER EDUCATION: We continue our series on the rise of online and blended learning and how free online courses are set to transform the higher education sector. Today, Wollongong University’s…

Indians rank Australia highly

Indians’ ranking of Australia as a good place to do business, study or travel has risen to 8th out of 38 countries, up from…
Indian students scuffle with Delhi police in a 2010 protest against attacks on Indian students in Australia. EPA/Anindito Mukherjee

Australia, India must look beyond lost decade

Many Indians still perceive Australia as a white, monocultural country, according to the authors of a major report that says…
International students in Sydney demand greater equality and cultural tolerance. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Australian universities losing their appeal in ‘Asian century’

The “comprehensive failure” of Australian universities to engage with Asia is rapidly unravelling their appeal to the biggest…
An Indonesian stamp marking a 1959 Colombo Plan conference. flickr/karen horton

Colombo Plan: An initiative that brought Australia and Asia closer

AUSTRALIA IN ASIA: In the sixth part of our series, David Lowe of Deakin University examines an education project which brought us closer to our Asian neighbours. The Colombo Plan for aid to South and…

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