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Indonesian law schools will have to face questions surrounding ethics in technology in the coming years, if not already. How can they prepare for it? Shutterstock

How Indonesian law schools can prepare for the future of technology

Scholars suggest that law schools must adopt innovative interdisciplinary curricula alongside implementation of creative teaching methods to address advancements in technology.
At least in Connecticut, legal advocates can now represent the interests of abused animals. Spillikin/

How dogs and cats can get their day in court

When lawyers represent the interests of abused animals in the courtroom, they help human victims too.
South Africa’s Constitutional Court embodies values of justice and transformation. How can law schools do the same? GCIS/Flickr

Law faculties must embrace difference to produce great graduates

For law faculties, the transformative vision embodied in South Africa's constitution provides a potent driver for change. So what does a transformed law faculty look like?

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