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Regenerating the nerves that can return function to our spinal cords. Michael Dorausch

New discovery gives hope to spinal injury patients

Spinal cord injuries are currently irreparable. When nerve fibres in the central nervous system are damaged there is, as yet, no way of reversing this. But research we’ve been doing has led to the discovery…

Blood pressure reduced by radio waves

The application of radio currents can help reduce the level of blood pressure in patients with severe hypertension, according…

Advances in nerve damage repair

A new way of repairing severed nerves in humans may be closer to reality thanks to observing how invertebrates repair nerve…
Successful weight losers have higher levels of nerve activity than those who struggle to lose weight. Flickr/the great

A weighty issue: biggest losers have greater nerve activity

If you put a group of people on a calorie-restricted diet, you’ll see that some seem to lose weight easily, while others struggle to shed each pound. This difference doesn’t just come down to how much…
The brain repairs itself only minimally following damage or disease. x-ray delta one

Set to fade: is the brain doomed to degenerate?

Welcome to the sixth and final part of _On the Brain, a Conversation series by people whose job it is to know as much as there is to know about the body’s most complex organ. Here, Professor Malcolm Horne…

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