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Imagine where working together on open data can get us? Puzzle pieces image via

Expanding citizen science models to enhance open innovation

This method of crowdsourcing science legwork is ready to expand into other disciplines – and maybe the amateurs themselves can start calling some of the shots.
Rather than create regulatory frameworks that allow innovations to thrive, governments have created hurdles to transformative applications like Uber or Airbnb. Torrenegra/flickr

While governments talk about smart cities, it’s citizens who create them

Governments too often hinder change, when instead they should aim to foster an organic innovation ecosystem. This is more about bottom-up innovation than top-down schemas.
Governments produce enormous amounts of data. The open data movement wants to make that available to all citizens. r2hox/Flickr

Good governance and active citizenship require open data

The open data movement is gaining momentum but we need to reflect on our priorities and values in order to make further progress.
The failure to publish collected data is hindering understanding of the effectiveness and failures of government programs. Flickr/LOD2project/European Data Forum

Rich but untapped data resource will let us make policy work better

The McClure Review of Welfare, much like the Commission of Audit report, is unlikely to win the Abbott government many new fans in the social services sector. However, for those involved in social policy…
New research has placed the total potential value of open data to Australia at A$64 billion per annum.

Open data and the G20: the value is there to share

A new report shines a light on the value of open data to G20 economies. The report, led by Gov 2.0 champion Nicholas Gruen of Lateral Economics and commissioned by the Omidyar Network, is the first serious…
Open government – or a closed book? opensourceway

Appy-Land or Geekistan? The open questions of Open Data

Under Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s watch, the way we engage with government agencies is set to go digital by default. Speaking via prerecorded video at the GovInnovate conference in Canberra…
Haiti is now one of the most mapped developing countries. RIBI Image Library

Natural disasters put Haiti and Philippines on the map

In the developed world where many people happily post their current locations on Facebook and can look up the exact locations of buildings online, it is often overlooked how poor locational information…

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