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Ian Thorpe spoke to Michael Parkinson about being gay. Network Ten

Homophobia is a health hazard, not just for Ian Thorpe

Ian Thorpe coming out as gay during an interview with Michael Parkinson last night was both the most ordinary of stories and the most extraordinary. It also showed how deeply homophobia is ingrained in…
It’s worth considering how seemingly open language can be exclusionary. Wagner Macedo

Girl crush anyone? The evolution of ‘lesbian chic’

At first blush, the increased visibility of sexual minorities in popular culture would appear to reflect a growing openness and acceptance of non-heterosexual forms of sexuality. Since the late 1990s…
Is this magazine cover too racy – or did other factors make newsagents decide not to stock Archer? Archer Magazine

Is Archer magazine really ‘inappropriate for sale’?

When a Google search can summon any image you like online, it seems anachronistic to hear of a print publication supposedly encountering distribution problems on the basis of its content. Yet that’s just…
Without data, we don’t know the actual size of sex and gender diverse populations. AAP Image/Daniel Munoz

Norrie’s gender win brings us closer to knowing who we are

The landmark ruling this week by the High Court – that the New South Wales Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages must recognise a third category of non-specific sex in addition to male and female – represents…

What YouTube has done to the music video star

In 1981, MTV was launched with a woman in a tinsel wig being beamed to Earth (well, she actually slid awkwardly down a plastic tube) to join men in shiny suits playing wood-grained synthesisers. The Buggles…
Masculinity must be learned and there are severe consequences for not upholding it. Vladimir Byazrov

Time for a step-change in how we view men on the dancefloor

On Sunday, So You Think You Can Dance Australia returned to Channel Ten, promising spectacular performances from male and female dancers around the country. And yet, in the non-TV world, it seems the men…
Code-breaking genius Alan Turing was driven to suicide by the criminalisation of homosexuality. Such convictions still haunt many Australians. AAP/Keir David

Saying sorry for governments intruding in your bedroom

It is time for all Australian governments to acknowledge a historic wrong. In doing so they will help to right an injustice and demonstrate a real commitment to respect for all Australians. Earlier this…
Some people need assistance and support to express their sexuality in satisfying ways. Image from

Why the NDIS should cover the services of sex workers

Sexual expression is a fundamental part of being human, with most of us able to choose our sexual partners and, to varying degrees, meet our intimacy needs and desires. While not all people with disabilities…
We need to acknowledge the diverse contexts in which teens engage in sexting. Mahdi Abdulrazak

‘Sexting’ teens: decriminalising young people’s sexual practices

Cases of teenagers “sexting” each other have recently provoked panicked responses by media, parents, educators and policy makers in Australia. Now a Victorian parliamentary inquiry into the practice has…
Gay sex is no longer illegal in Australia? So why should historica convictions stand? AAP/April Fonti

Wiping the slate clean: historic convictions for gay sex must be expunged

Most of the current media relating to gay rights focuses on marriage equality. But for some older gay men, another issue is even more important. Sex between consenting men ceased to be a crime in Australia…
Cheating on a partner is always a choice, not a biologically determined effect. flickr/dhammza

Monogamy: cheating on what nature intended, or a simple choice?

Biologists and psychologists like to tussle with human characteristics: what’s inherent? What’s learnt? What’s genetically coded? What’s malleable? Every so often an “expert” will reignite the nature vs…
Stars like Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar are redefining porn for feminists.

Porn and feminism: not strange bedfellows after all

I was recently approached by a young journalist, who asked for my comments on the Feminist Porn Awards. In the course of the interview, she asked if I thought feminists should watch porn. I replied that…

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