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Under a cloud: South Australia’s wind farms have been blamed for price spikes, but without them the volatility would be even worse. Tim Phillips Photos/Wikimedia Commons

South Australia’s electricity price woes are more due to gas than wind

South Australia's electricity price spikes during this month's calm weather have been blamed on its reliance on wind turbines. But a bigger problem is the rising price of gas-fired power.
Now that the election is done and dusted what needs to change in politics? Dean Lewins/AAP

Lessons from the election

The major parties seem to be having considerable difficulty drawing lessons from the recent election campaign. Of course, there are many. The most obvious, but probably the most difficult for them to accept…
Combien d’espèces de grenouilles dans la photo ? La génétique indique que la réponse est souvent : « plus que vous pensez ». Michael Lee (Flinders University & South Australian Museum)

Biodiversité, combien de millions d’espèces ?

La Terre est couverte d'espèces variées, des plus grandes aux plus petites. Mais nous pensons maintenant qu’il pourrait y avoir dix fois plus d’espèces que l'on pensait à l’origine.
A student performs yoga during World Yoga Day in Srinagar. Danish Ismail/Reuters

How the Indian diaspora is shaping the battle for yoga’s soul

India has a Minister for Yoga and released an official song on International Yoga Day. But as the downward-facing dog (and other poses) sweep the West, identifying yoga as 'Indian' may increasingly be an uphill battle.
Turnbull might be hamstrung by his barely-there majority. AAP Image/Paul Miller

Can Malcolm Turnbull do climate and energy policy now?

Malcolm Turnbull returns to the helm with a wafer-thin majority and a significant element in his government who still oppose climate action - can he defy the odds and serve up some credible policy?
Three more years for Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition. AAP/David Moir

Election 2016: what will a re-elected Coalition government mean for key policy areas?

What's in store for key policy areas, from health to education to infrastructure to asylum seekers, under a returned Coalition government?
How well did our experts’ predictions match the results at the ballot box? AAP/Richard Wainwright

State of the states: what were the issues and seats that mattered in Australia’s state and territories?

We reconvened our State of the states experts to respond to the results of the 2016 federal election.
Despite ongoing conflict in the DRC, the number of endangered mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park has increased. Shutterstock

Conservation efforts can’t afford to shy away from high-risk conflict zones

For the survival of iconic species in Africa, it is crucial that conservation efforts do not ignore conflict zones.
University education has paid a rate of return of around 15%. from

Higher education pays for itself many times over

Not only does higher education build the economy's skills and knowledge, but that it pays for itself and much else many times over.
How many species of frog are in the picture? Genetics often says ‘more than we thought’. Michael Lee (Flinders University & South Australian Museum)

The Earth’s biodiversity could be much greater than we thought

The Earth is full of many varied species from the largest mammals to the tiniest organisms. But we now think there could be ten times more species than was originally thought.

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