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Le coût élevé du Musée des Confluences à Lyon vient en partie des emprunts toxiques. Thierry Ehrmann/Flickr

Emprunts toxiques : certains élus locaux savaient ce qu’ils faisaient

L’utilisation par des mairies d’emprunts toxiques était-il due à la mauvaise formation en économie des élus locaux ? Cette étude montre qu’au contraire, plus les élus savaient plus ils signaient.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Yiannis Kourtoglou/REUTERS

Tsipras' second chance: Greece to hold elections

Elections will give Alexis Tspiras another chance to put Greece's financial house in order. Here's what he should do after the government reforms in September.
A 1909 cartoon suggests taxes on divorces, dogs, rubber plants and more during debate over the 16th Amendment 1909 Cartoon via www.shutterstock.com

Why Americans have chosen to pay income tax

As you wrestle with figuring out what you owe Uncle Sam, consider why the United States opted for an income tax back in 1913.
A study found that sports teams with too many stars are susceptible to hierarchical disputes and deteriorating performance. KeithAllison/Flickr

Can organizations have too much talent?

On October 28, journalist Matt Taibbi resigned from First Look Media, a fledgling news organization only ten months old. According to an article published on The Intercept: Taibbi and other journalists…

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