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C'est la pratique de l'épandage de défoliants (ici pendant la guerre du Vietnam) qui a incité à agir pour protéger l'environnement durant les conflits. National Museum of the US Air Force

La destruction de l’environnement est (déjà) un crime de guerre… qu’il est presque impossible de commettre

Un groupe de scientifiques souhaite une nouvelle convention de Genève pour protéger l’environnement pendant les guerres et les conflits. Or de telles règles existent déjà, mais elles sont inadéquates.
Too many informal carers have to choose between giving their older mum or dad the care they need and dropping out of the workforce. Shutterstock

More carers’ leave may help Australians look after elderly parents and stay in work

A new system of carers' leave would allow middle-aged Australians to care for their ageing parents while staying in the workforce.
Dale Palmer prepares his home in NSW for the bushfires. The decision to stay and defend one’s property requires a person to be mentally, as well as physically, prepared. AAP/Darren Pateman

It’s hard to breathe and you can’t think clearly – if you defend your home against a bushfire, be mentally prepared

In catastrophic fire conditions, leaving early is the only safe option. But in other conditions, one thing that's often overlooked in decisions to stay or go is how mentally tough you need to be.
The term illuminati has been used since the late 15th century, and applied to various groups since then. It’s often discussed by conspiracy theorists, and is heavily referenced in pop-culture. Lettuce./Flickr

Don’t (just) blame echo chambers. Conspiracy theorists actively seek out their online communities

We analysed eight years of Reddit posts from conspiracy theorists. Our findings have helped debunk some common myths about this somewhat alienated group of people.
What is cum-ex trading? Like a magic trick, it involves shares ‘disappearing’ then ‘reappearing’ with a new owner to enable two parties to claim ownership of the one stock.

The robbery of the century: the cum-ex trading scandal and why it matters

The US$60 billion cum-ex trading scandal eclipses every heist and corporate fraud case in history. Here's how it worked.
Mengurangi jam kerja tidak selalu menambah jumlah waktu untuk melakukan apa yang Anda inginkan. Shutterstock

Etika dalam 4 hari kerja per seminggu. Bukan hanya tentang waktu

Ada argumen yang menarik tentang jam kerja yang lebih pendek secara etis: mereka memperbaiki ketidakadilan yang disebabkan oleh distribusi waktu luang yang tidak merata.
The Ringtail Unicornfish, which occurs in tropical marine waters of the Indo-Pacific. All fish sleep, even the weird-looking ones. Bernard Spragg/Flickr

Curious Kids: how do fish sleep?

Fish may not have eyelids to close, but they sleep – and perhaps even dream.
Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe (right) says he needs government help to boost the economy. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is yet to provide it. Dan Himbrechts/AAP

We asked 13 economists how to fix things. All back the RBA governor over the treasurer

Every one of the 13 economists surveyed by The Conversation thinks more stimulus is needed. None think it should all come from the Reserve Bank. Most think the budget surplus can wait.
Baobabs en Madagascar. Shutterstock/Dennis van de Water

Estamos extinguiendo plantas 350 veces más rápido de lo normal

Las especies surgen y desaparecen de forma natural, pero el ser humano ha alterado estos ritmos con consecuencias devastadoras.
If another parent at playgroup says she’s not vaccinating her child, what’s the best way to respond? from

4 ways to talk with vaccine skeptics

Responding to someone who questions vaccination can be difficult. Before you react, it pays to assess the situation because weighing in can do more harm than good.
Stars come into existence because of a powerful force of nature called gravity. ESA/Hubble & NASA, Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt

Curious Kids: how are stars made?

Stars begin their life inside very large, fluffy clouds of space dust and gas called nebulae.

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