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NorthWest Research Associates, Inc., (NWRA) is a small scientific research group with a primary focus in the geophysical sciences that includes, but is not limited to: oceanography, sea-ice mechanics, and atmospheric, ionospheric, and solar physics. NWRA is owned and operated by the Principal Investigators of the company and has over 80 employees in three office locations. NWRA Mission Statement: To provide an environment for unencumbered science, in which scientists and engineers can achieve excellence in basic and applied research.

The NWRA team provides: Leadership - NWRA’s management personnel possess advanced technical skills and knowledge coupled with leadership and management skills. This combination of skills integrates practical technical experience into the management of technology-based enterprises. Team atmosphere - NWRA’s mission is to identify and research novel ideas in the geosciences arena. Expertise - NWRA is comprised of innovative research scientists, engineers, scientific programmers and technical staff. Commitment - NWRA’s administrative personnel to having open communication, producing quality work, and maintaining standards. In addition to the Corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington, NWRA has employees in Boulder, Colorado; and in Monterey, California.


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Coal’s toll? A Newcastle church cupola damaged in the 1989 earthquake serves as a memorial for the 13 people killed. Flickr/OZinOH

Earthquakes and mining - how humans create seismic activity

This week’s 5.3 magnitude earthquake that struck near Moe in Victoria’s brown-coal mining region of the La Trobe Valley brings to mind the 5.6 magnitude quake of 1989 in another coal-mining heartland…

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