Phoenicia University

Phoenicia University is a private, not-for-profit, non-sectarian institution of higher education in Lebanon, with its main campus located in Daoudiye, the district of Zahrani. It was founded in 2012 under Decree No. 9089 as Phoenicia University International. Construction finished in the summer of 2015, and teaching started in the fall of 2015. PU has an emphasis on research, liberal arts and sciences, and professional continuing education.

In addition to classrooms and offices, the main campus provides facilities including libraries, labs, residential accommodation, commercial space, sports courts, a gym, chapel and prayer room. The University has six colleges that offer graduate and undergraduate degrees: College of Architecture and Design; College of Arts and Sciences; College of Business; College of Engineering; College of Law and Political Science; College of Public Health.


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Red Cross forensic specialist Stephen Fonseca, right, searches for bodies in a field of ruined maize in Magaru, Mozambique, after Cyclone Idai, April 4, 2019. AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi

Humanitarian forensic scientists trace the missing, identify the dead and comfort the living

Meet the unsung aid workers who put their lives on the line during war and natural disaster to make sure the dead are treated with respect – and that their grieving families get closure.
Forensic scientists should be encouraged to shed more light on a pattern of behaviour when investigating incidence. Flickr/WorldSkills UK

Let forensic science help prevent a crime or a disaster

Forensic scientists should be encouraged to help detect patterns of behaviour in the incidents they investigate. This could lead to changes in the way some things are done and potentially save lives.

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