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William Marsh Rice University, commonly referred to as Rice University or Rice, is a private research university located in Houston, Texas, United States. As a leading university with a distinctive commitment to undergraduate education, Rice University aspires to deliver ground-breaking research and unsurpassed teaching. It seeks to fulfill this mission by cultivating a diverse community of learning and discovery that produces leaders in multiple fields.


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Is this a vision of the future? Robot worker image via shutterstock.com

Are robots taking our jobs?

In the past, technology both destroyed and created jobs. Is that trend ending?
Real hot: the Ivanpah solar power plant and others like it use mirrors to produce heat to make steam and drive an electricity turbine. BrightSource Energy

If a solar plant uses natural gas, is it still green?

The massive Ivanpah solar power plant uses natural gas – even more than it expected last year. It's not ideal, but solar power and natural gas are a powerful, and relatively 'green,' combination.
How regenerative medicine is born. nelas

New stem cell technique bypasses ethical concerns

Stem cell and cloning research using human cells remain controversial, even though it is nearly 20 years since Dolly the sheep became the first mammal to be cloned. One of the main reasons for this controversy…
Those days need not remain in photographs. carlos-smith

Genetic switch controls body’s tissue repair system

It is a sad fact that old age brings diseases. Many may not be life-threatening, but they make life less fun. One such condition is sarcopenia, which causes the loss of muscle mass and strength, and it…

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