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The foundation of Tohoku Fukushi University’s educational philosophy is that every single creature is inherently valuable and exists with meaningful, vital links with others in their natural state. True wisdom in a human context means to appreciate our natural state and the value of each individual. Such wisdom is developed through sensitive, reflective practice, as we interpret with our senses the meaning of human life processes (i.e. birth, development, aging, illness, and death and dying) and innovate to make our socio-cultural environment less stressful and better suited to human wellness. Toward this end, we must build knowledge and theory in conjunction with enhanced skill and experience. At TFU, we consider the fascinating field of welfare from all angles and provide the opportunity to grow in a diversified system, combining academic study with practical experience.

Our educational strategy―"Integrating Study and Practice" ―frames the entire range of activities―education, R&D, and social relations―at our university. Our vision of higher education enhances creativity, professionalism, flexibility, social participation, humanism, and independence.


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