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Università della Svizzera italiana

USI is a dynamic, young university that is not satisfied in limiting its work to consolidate its achievements, but has resolved to take up the gauntlet of finding new ways of enhancing its attractiveness and of raising its profile on both the Swiss and international level. Today, USI comprises four Faculties, with a student population of 3,000, 65% of which made up of international students from more than 100 different countries. Its taught courses (in Italian and English) cover the whole gamut from Bachelor’s to PhD degree programmes.

USI will continue to invest in the existing Faculties - Architecture, Economics, Communication, and Informatics - but it also plans to develop new initiatives designed to stimulate and enhance its unique profile within the Swiss universities system. Strategically, USI has chosen to invest in two fields - the computational sciences and medicine - whose future potential is undisputed. No doubt, both fields attract scientific interest; but they are also set to bring substantial benefit to local economic growth, as well as contribute to solving urgent nationwide issues. USI’s computational project is well underway and its medicine project is conducting a feasibility study in view of creating a Graduate Medical School for clinical training.

USI’s commitment to defending the Italian component of our country continues, for the safeguard of a linguistic and cultural heritage which plays a pivotal role in the national unity and cohesion.

USI is today a teeming reservoir of idea, a source of inspiration for new and bold visions from which future initiatives and key projects for Ticino will sprout. In a booklet entitled Uno sguardo sul futuro dell'USI (“A glimpse into the future of USI”, downloadable in pdf), USI outlines its development plan for the next few years, drawing up possible scenarios looking ahead to 2020.


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