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Academics join public protests around the world against Donald Trump’s immigration ban. David Whinham/Newzulu

University vice chancellors say Trump order threatens global research

Academics worldwide are calling for the US president to reconsider the executive order on immigration, which many say is damaging to research collaboration.
The National Commission of Audit recommended sector consultations before imposing fee deregulation, which the government ignored. Now they’ve decided it was probably a good idea. AAP

Government to consult with sector on student fees after all

The government has contacted university Vice-Chancellors across the country asking for their advice on the implementation…
New tertiary education minister Craig Emerson needs to bring stability to a portfolio that has seen three ministers in 2013. AAP/Alan Porritt

Ministerial revolving doors: why higher education needs stability now

Craig Emerson is definitely a multitasker. Who can forget his singing routine on national television last year when he borrowed the tune of the 1970s Skyhooks rock classic Horror Movie and lampooned alarmist…

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