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Established in 1854, University College Dublin (UCD) is Ireland’s largest, most diverse and globally engaged research intensive university with over 30,000 students from some 120 countries worldwide.

Founded on the educational principles of its first Rector, John Henry Newman, the university seeks to contribute to society through the excellence and impact of its research and scholarship, the quality of its graduates and through its engagement nationally and internationally.

At UCD, research and innovation are seen as essential drivers of a dynamic economy, an informed society and a vibrant culture. UCD scholars work on tackling diverse national and global challenges, and the university community comprises individual scholars, research groups, start-up companies and large-scale collaborations with Government, industry and other partners.

Among its best-known graduates is the writer James Joyce, author of Ulysses, and regarded as ‘the father of the modern novel’.


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En zone urbaine, pas de végétation et des revêtements qui absorbent et conservent la chaleur. Pierre Duchemin/Flickr

Pourquoi les températures grimpent-elles en ville ?

Il fait presque toujours plus chaud dans les villes. Un effet de l’îlot de chaleur urbain. Décryptage de ce phénomène.
Donald Trump joue sur deux registres : le déclin et sa propre capacité à restaurer la grandeur de l’Amérique. Erik S. Lesser/EPA

Donald Trump, symptôme de la peur du déclin de l'empire américain

La surprenante ascension du magnat américain, qui bouscule les élites traditionnelles, a lieu dans un climat dépressionnaire outre-Atlantique. La France n’a pas le monopole de l’angoisse du lendemain.
EPA/Michael Nelson

What’s going on at Yahoo?

The options available to Yahoo following another disappointing round of earnings and increasing angst among investors.
Putin leads Russia by sporting example. Borodun

Success at Sochi will restore pride to Russia’s self-image

The image of a bare-chested president Vladimir Putin sitting astride his horse or speeding down ski slopes is by now a familiar one. Not since Vladimir Ilyich Lenin himself has Russia had such a sports…
To the barricades: anti-abortion bill protesters on the march in Ireland. informatique

Opinion shifting, but battle rages in Ireland over abortion

There is a dog fight going on in Ireland. Four politicians from Fine Gael, the main party in government, have been dismissed from the party because they voted against a new bill that will permit abortion…

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