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The University of Nottingham has 42,000 students and is ‘the nearest Britain has to a truly global university, with campuses in China and Malaysia modelled on a headquarters that is among the most attractive in Britain’ (Times Good University Guide 2014). It is also one of the most popular universities among graduate employers, one of the world’s greenest universities, and winner of the Times Higher Education Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development’. It is ranked in the World’s Top 75 universities by the QS World University Rankings.

More than 90 per cent of research at The University of Nottingham is of international quality, according to the most recent Research Assessment Exercise. The University aims to be recognised around the world for its signature contributions, especially in global food security, energy & sustainability, and health. The University won a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education for its research into global food security.

Impact: The Nottingham Campaign, its biggest ever fundraising campaign, will deliver the University’s vision to change lives, tackle global issues and shape the future.


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Research shows the environment usually comes off second best when companies are forced to compromise between sustainability and profit. Mohammad Rhaman/Flickr

In the corporate fight club, the environment usually loses

A commitment to sustainability has become a typical component of any modern-day corporation’s public face. Visit the homepages of major organisations in any sector, from coal-mining to cola-making, and…
Media studies is on offer at top-tier universities. wayneandwax

Top universities teach media studies, so why brief against it?

Media studies gets a hard time in higher education and the top universities in the UK are not making things any easier by continuing to take a contradictory stance as they advise students on what to study…
Cheap weekends in NYC could be a thing of the past. WanderingTheWorld

It’s bad news all round if Airbnb bites the dust in New York

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sent a subpoena to the home-renting company Airbnb. The demand asks for personal data relating to 15,000 users of the service in the city that have rented…
Better than anything you can get in the shops. And it’s free. mikecogh

Informal economies offer new insight into prosperity

Oxfam released a highly critical report last week warning that austerity measures in the UK are having a damaging effect on welfare. Despite the recent hurrah for Chancellor George Osborne over signs of…
What do they know about you? MyDex CIC

The government scheme that’s after your data

A little known UK government initiative is underway to release vast amounts of personal data from companies to citizens with the laudable aim of handing power to the consumer. The midata initiative aims…
An innovative approach to mobility in Uganda. The Advocacy Project

Disabled people in Africa have been marginalised for too long

Disabled people are severely marginalised and among the poorest in developing countries. Having a disability increases the risk of poverty, and being poor also increases the risk of getting a disability…
Two’s company, three’s a crowd, one is the entire Green Party. Chris Radburn/PA

What’s the point of the Green Party?

Comparatively speaking, these are successful times for Britain’s Green Party. They have their first elected MP at Westminster, two Members of the European Parliament, two Members of the London Assembly…
Taking banking back to its foundations. orangeacid

Reborn TSB evokes memories of another banking era

After an absence of 18 years, TSB banks reappeared on the British high street this week. Though much of the initial commentary focused on the new bank’s opening day website crash, a more interesting question…
Stop, look, listen before you lay hundreds of miles of very expensive railway. thechilterns

The future is in high-tech work, not high-speed trains

The UK’s most ambitious infrastructure project is in trouble. Criticism of the High Speed 2 rail network has come from left and right of the political spectrum, with both the New Economics Foundation and…
50 wpm, punctual, fast learner. Especially after a few Jager Bombs. upsuportsmouth

Your future boss knows what you did this summer: it’s online

Just over a fortnight ago, LinkedIn announced it is to make its professional network available to UK-based students aged 13 years and older; primarily as a way of enabling young people to leverage the…
Don’t tell me to calm down - emotional expression is an inherent part of social discourse. Flickr/paolaharvey

Hot under the collar about climate change? It’s natural

Climate change is an issue that fires the emotions. Our media is full of images of this emotional engagement, from the despair of a venture capitalist in tears as he describes his fear “that we’re not…
Cheap construction of intricate designs. fdecomite

3D printing market is booming as the buzz catches on

3D printing stocks jumped early this week following analyst Kenneth Wong’s assertion that the market could triple in the next five years. But why the sudden attention? The possible economic impact of 3D…
Defiant: Bo Xilai has his day in court.

Bo Xilai’s last stand is carefully scripted political theatre

The theatrics of China’s trial of the year against former Mayor of Chongqing, Bo Xilai, are a smoke screen designed to hide the lack of progress the country has made towards the rule of law. When Bo is…
Your fridge needs a more hi-tech way to ask for a refill. sk8geek

Explainer: the Internet of Things

Many, if not most, of us are now connected to the internet, and we have become familiar with it: we shop, we bank, we socialise online. The Internet of Things is not a different internet but refers to…
You might want to forget that picture, but the internet won’t. Miia Ranta

The internet will never forget you … if you’re British

Justice ministers from across Europe sat down in Brussels yesterday to discuss some tricky issues for internet privacy, one of the most controversial of which was the right to be forgotten. After the NSA…
BBC presenter Quentin Willson fills up at Nottingham’s hydrogen station. Nottingham University

Hydrogen car progress hasn’t stalled yet

The promise that hydrogen cars would help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the transport sector has been with us for a couple of decades. Readers may well have wondered what, like hoverboards, has…

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