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Confidence numbers reflect many are waiting to see if it’s safe to invest. Image sourced from Shutterstock.com

Vital Signs: economy in a holding pattern

The economic news of the week wasn't that bad - but there's still plenty of timid types around.
Photo Credit: MONA/Rémi Chauvin Image Courtesy MONA Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Blending science, art and other excrement

I think it’s fair to say that I am fairly experienced in dealing with excrement. While some of this comes with caring for two small children, most of my faecal-awareness comes from first career as a veterinarian…
The Siwalik sandstone complex taken in the city of Jawalamukhi, Northern India. Photo courtesy of Dr. Peter Clift, LSU Geology and Geophysics. Wikimedia Commons

Asia is the gift that keeps on giving in prehistory

Political and economic pundits constantly remind us that this is the ‘Asian Century’, and it’s shaping up to be that way also for human origins science. I’ve only recently waxed lyrical about the enormous…
Larry Marshall is right that the question of global warming has been answered. But there are many more climate questions to answer. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

CSIRO boss’s failed logic over climate science could waste billions in taxes

CSIRO's climate scientists haven't "finished" just because climate change is real. Without their expertise, we could waste billions on drought or flood planning that's not backed by the latest science.
Current conditions make for a wild ride for investors. Scott Ableman/Flickr

Vital Signs: expect more turmoil

Low inflation gives the RBA scope to cut rates in coming months but a lot will turn on whether we continue to see persistently weak GDP growth.
A reported 350 jobs will be cut from CSIRO’s staff. David McClenaghan/CSIRO/Wikimedia Commons

CSIRO is poised to slash climate research jobs – experts react

CSIRO is set to cut dozens of jobs from its climate research units, as part of a wider series of job losses to be formally announced today.
Facial reconstruction of Homo erectus from China. Wikimedia Commons

East Asia makes a comeback in the human evolution stakes

Archaeological discoveries in East Asia over the last decade or so have dramatically rewritten our understanding of human evolution. But the implications don’t sit easily with many scholars internationally…
The freedom of the space outside can be a seductive distraction. from www.shutterstock.com.au

Why the million-dollar view is bad for our body and our soul

Had the Romans, Chinese and English of old seen our buildings, built around views that distract from the interior and our interior lives, they would not have been surprised by modern discontent.

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