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L'acteur Ryan Gosling dans le film The Big Short : explication du système des subprimes et des CDO… un échafaudage branlant. Paramount Pictures

La financiarisation – et les subprimes – sont-elles de retour ?

N’a-t-on rien appris de la catastrophe financière de 2008 ? Les produits à risque reviennent, les autorités s’inquiètent. Et toujours la même question : comment réguler la finance ?
Donald Trump promised during his campaign to renegotiate parts of the Iranian nuclear deal. Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

Why the Iran nuclear agreement is a deal worth honouring

The repercussions should Donald Trump withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement, are detrimental to Iran’s economy, regional stability and US dealings with Europe and Russia.
Should the government be able to use intellectual property laws to control who can criticise its health policies by using the Medicare logo? AAP/Joel Carrett

Medicare logo case shows the urgent need to update Australia’s IP laws

Using intellectual property laws to try to shut down Mark Rogers’ 'Save Medicare' website shows how these laws serve to restrict free speech and advance government privatisation agendas.
Is it even Donald Trump? Or just a symptom of living in a post-truth world? EPA/Oliver Berg

How tribal thinking has left us in a post-truth world

Every one of us is vulnerable to thinking that the ideas we hold dear are reasoned or principled positions. But how many of our ideas are adopted and defended as part of our tribal identity?

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