iOS 5 is a leap forward for Apple … once you get past Error 3200

Steve Jobs discussed iOS5 in one of his final public appearances. AFP/Kimihiro Hoshino

Apple has made a series of releases today, including an upgrade to its iPhone and iPad operating system iOS 5, the introduction of iCloud, its cloud storage service and, in the US, its new music matching service, iTunes Match.

For many, it seems the upgrade to iOS 5 has not gone smoothly.

The massive load of everyone trying to update the phone has swamped Apple’s servers, resulting in thousands of customers receiving an “Error 3200” message.

Apple support staff have said they are working on the problem, but there’s no fix until the server load dies down.

The advice to anyone wanting to upgrade their phones or iPads to iOS 5 is to wait at least a few hours.

But it doesn’t stop with iPads and iPhones. It seems the entire Apple support site is suffering similar problems. This has led several people to joke that Apple is experiencing a form of unwitting customer-led Distributed Denial of Service attack. “Error 3200” and “Downloading iOS 5” have been in the top trends on Twitter.

So what will you (eventually) get?

The new features available on iOS 5 have been discussed extensively in the media, and there are a lot of them.