Monday’s medical myth: the right side of your brain controls creativity

Creativity requires communication between both hemispheres of your brain. Flickr/lacta

Are you suffering a creativity problem? Well, pop psychology claims your “right brain” holds the key.

Whether you want to drop a few kilos, improve your profits, spice up your sex life, or take over the world, we’re encouraged to believe a right-brain approach will solve our problems.

Just look at some of these self-help titles (I wish I were making them up):

The right brain/creativity link first captured the public imagination in 1979 when Betty Edwards published the worldwide bestseller Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Edwards argued that by switching from the traditional left-brain mode (logical, verbal, symbolic) to a right-brain mode (creative, non-verbal, non-symbolic), even those who “can’t draw” will uncover their inner artist.

Amie Fedora