Move over Dr Google, the future of health is social

Electronic tools can help advance research into rare diseases through creating virtual registries. Gautheron

Pretty soon, not being involved in social media will be just as implausible as not having a telephone. If my 80-year-old dad is on Facebook and women over 55 are the fastest growing demographic on the site, then it’s fair to say that social media tools aren’t the province of the young.

Talking about social media as a revolution is no overstatement. And we can and must bring that revolution to healthcare. In using these tools, we have unparalleled potential to improve people’s health – there’s no doubt that social technologies will transform healthcare.

This week I addressed a Hospital Alliance for Research Collaboration (HARC) forum in Sydney about bringing the social media revolution to health care. You can search #HARCsm on Twitter to see the discussion.