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New silicon to improve solar panels

Solar engineers have developed a method to improve the quality of low-grade silicon, which promises to significantly improve electrical efficiency and reduce the cost of solar panels.

The mechanism controls hydrogen atoms, so they can better correct deficiencies in silicon. This process will allow lower-quality silicon to outperform solar cells made from better-quality materials.

Standard commercial silicon cells presently have a maximum efficiency of around 19%. This new technique is expected to produce an efficiency of between 21% and 23%.

Read more at The University of New South Wales

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  1. John Kelmar

    Small Business Consultant

    The developments in this industry should have been progressing at the same rate as the computer industry, but it appears that those that control the technology wish to maintain their high profit margins.

    Unfortunately, if they don't act quickly enough, then this industry will be lost to the populous nations shuch as China and India.

    To the current companies - Act Now before you lose everything.