Pasha 1: Car-free days in Nairobi

Terrible vehicle traffic makes Kenya’s capital city Nairobi one of the most congested in the world. It also brings air pollution which comes with serious health effects, including premature deaths and asthma. People who spend a lot of time on traffic-heavy roads are particularly at risk.

In this episode of the Pasha podcast, The Conversation Africa’s Thabo Leshilo spoke to Haneen Khreis about car-free days and how the idea might work in Nairobi. Car-free days can help lessen the air pollution problem, bring down the number of deaths in car accidents and reduce noise. The initiative is already being successfully rolled out in Rwanda.

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Photo: Shutterstock Traffic with Matatus during rush hour on Ronald Ngala Street in Nairobi, By IndustryAndTravel

Music “Happy African Village” by John Bartmann found on licensed under CC0 1.