Pharmacies to push supplements as ‘fries and Coke’ to prescriptions

The Pharmacy Guild is promoting a range of Blackmores products as prescription “companions”. Flickr/Angelina

Pharmacists are among the most trusted professions in Australia, regularly coming in the top ten of the annual Reader’s Digest survey alongside paramedics, fire fighters, pilots and assorted medical professionals.

This makes it all the more frustrating to hear about a new partnership between the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, (which represents about 90% of commercial pharmacy owners) and Blackmores.

The partnership aims to up-sell supplements to customers when getting a prescription filled.

From October, pharmacists’ computer systems will prompt them to discuss a Blackmores Companion range product with patients picking up a prescription for one of four popular medications.

Patients will also be given a leaflet explaining how the supplement can alleviate the side effects of the medications.

The Blackmores Companion range will carry the Pharmacy Guild’s Gold Cross logo.

The Guild’s logo