Politics podcast: George Wright on Labor’s chances of winning the election

Politics podcast: George Wright on Labor’s chances of winning the election.

While Labor goes into the coming election as underdog, the party’s strategy to win government will capitalise on what it sees as its competitive advantages. From Labor’s national secretariat in Canberra, campaign director George Wright tells Michelle Grattan the party will be working hard to increase its direct contact with voters.

“We worked very hard at that in 2013 and we will work even harder on that in 2016,” he says.

Whether or not the government calls a July 2 double-dissolution election, Wright is ready and says Labor led by Bill Shorten can win.

“The party that he leads is now in a very competitive position against someone who everyone was predicting would wipe the floor with everyone. I think people who underestimate Bill’s capacity are doing so at their own peril.”

Listing Labor’s policy strengths, Wright nominates health, education, housing affordability and the economy.

“I think a lot of work has gone into having a cogent and credible position on the budget and I would strongly argue that right now we have a stronger policy position than the government,” he says.