Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of York

Brazilian-born Dr Hermes Gadelha is a poly-disciplinary mathematician working at the fertile union of mathematical logic, physics, engineering and medicine. He employs creative mathematics not only to nature, but also the industry and the arts, focusing on novel questions and unexplained phenomena in a broad range of physical systems. This includes animal and human fertilisation, the swimming of microorganisms, especially human
spermatozoa and bacterial swimming, cancer mechanics, molecular-motors, fluid-structure interactions of intelligent bio-structures, and synthetic bio-inspired propellers and swimmers.

Dr Gadelha worked as a Research Fellow in Mathematics at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, before going back to Oxford as a Robert Hooke Research Fellow. Today, He is a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and the External Relations and Public Engagement Officer at the University of York, and a mathematical fertility expert for the Science Media Centre (SMC), London, UK. To date, his research has generated significant international recognition, with countless worldwide media press releases and TV interviews, including BBC, Science, New Scientist and Discovery Channel. This year, Dr Gadelha will be joining the vibrant School of Engineering at the University of Bristol as a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and data Modelling.


  • 2015–present
    Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of York